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What is a share?
A share is a pre-paid order for a certain amount of produce each week.

We have 3 types of shares:

Mixed Share

Assorted fruits and vegetables from local growers and an organic distributor.
Usually 2 green leafys, 3-6 assorted vegetables, and 2-4 kinds of fruit.

Small - $20.00 • Medium - $25.00 • Large - $40.00

Select Share Size:

All examples are actual shares from 9/1/2010

Example Small Share
Example Small Share
Example Medium Share
Example Medium Share
Example Large Share
Example Large Share

Fruit Share

Our new fruit offering comes in 2 sizes- a $11 small built with smaller common fruits, good for snacking and lunchboxes, and a $20 large that offers a greater variety including larger or more exotic fruits.

Price: Small - $11.00 • Large - $20.00

Select Share Size:

Gundermann's Choice Share

A box full of seasonal, local, organic produce.

Price: $32.00

Example Gundermann's Share
Example Gundermann's Share - 9/1/2010
True Free Range, Local Eggs

1 dozen,true free range, local eggs.
No added hormones or antibiotics. Hand gathered from humanely raised, pastured chickens.

Price: $6.00

True Free Range, Local Eggs
Co-op Membership

Membership in West Memorial Co-op and Central City Co-op

Price: $48.00

They'll LOVE it and LOVE you for it!

Where do I get my share?
Pick up near BW-8 and I-10W from 3:00-6:30 pm every Wednesday. I will email you the address once your order is placed. All orders not picked up by 6:30pm sharp will be donated to a needy family.
How do I order?
You can use the shopping cart buttons above to place your order or you may email your order to by Wednesday and your share will be available for pick up the following week on Wednesday. Please state your payment method when ordering.
How do I pay?

If using the shopping cart buttons above to place your order, you may use your credit/debit card or PayPal account to pay for your order. You can also drop off cash payments. I will provide the physical address at which you will drop off payments and pick up your order. All payments MUST be received by Wednesday in order to receive a share on the following Wednesday because we have to place and pay for our following week's order when we go to the main co-op Wednesday morning.

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Do I need bags to pick up my share?
Please bring reusable, breathable bags to me by Tuesday so we have bags to put your share in when we go to the main co-op to get your produce. We need 2 sets of bags since you will take one set home with you each week. We will need two sets of 2 bags (total of four) for a small or medium share. We will need two sets of 3 bags (total of 6) for a large share. We will write your name and phone number on the bags to ensure order accuracy.

West Memorial Co-op
Location – I-10 and Beltway 8
Pick Up – 3:00 – 6:30 Wednesdays

Please add the domain to your email's safe senders list
or check your junk/spam folder for responses.

  1. Place your order by Wednesday evening, to receive a share the next week on Wednesday.
  2. Pay using the shopping cart buttons above to use your credit/debit card or PayPal account, or by dropping off cash by Wednesday. Remember, the co-op is a pre-paid system.
  3. Drop your reusable bags off to me by the following Tuesday.
For information, please contact us at:


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